We regularly act for individuals who seek to challenge and overturn a decision where the public authority has failed to comply with its legal obligations.


Judicial review is an important way of making sure that public bodies act lawfully. The Court will look at whether the public body has reached its decision in accordance with the law.

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Public bodies and organisations carrying out a public function must act in a lawful manner. All decisions must be rationally and in a fair and reasonable manner.

It is also important that decision makers do not breach laws made to protect fundamental rights and interests such as the Human Rights and Data Protection Acts 1998, the Equality Act 2010 and EU law. These help to ensure that people are treated with dignity, basic freedoms are not overridden, personal information is not misused and that characteristics fundamental to everyone’s identity, like race, gender, sexuality and disability, are respected and do not lead to unfair treatment.

To be effective, public law remedies like judicial review have to be used without delay (in most cases the Court will need to be approached within three months, but in some cases much sooner).  If you suspect that a significant unlawful decision is about to be, or already has been made, legal advice should be sought as soon as possible.


With that advice, individuals and organisations can make sure their voices are heard and properly taken into account. A public law solicitor can often put a public authority back on the right track by quickly intervening with letter and complaints or using internal appeals. And where things go seriously wrong, we can act quickly to challenge a public authority and bring about real accountability using judicial review.

Judicial review can lead to bad decisions being overturned and to authoritative rulings on the legality of policies, rules and procedures. Serious delay can be brought to an end.

Our team is here to help. If you are seeking advice on a public law problem, or guidance on how to avoid one ever arising, do get in touch.

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