Criminal Appeals



The Criminal Appeals Team of Reece Thomas Watson are committed to providing a high quality service when you are looking to challenge the decision of your Criminal Conviction or Sentence.

What we offer

The Criminal Appeals Team act decisively to defend your interests and will robustly advise and represent you in this area.


We can provide assistance if you have been convicted of a crime. It might be possible to appeal either your conviction or sentence. This can be done by finding new evidence or arguing that the decision was unfair or unreasonable. It maybe that procedurally something went wrong and the letter of the law was incorrectly or badly applied to your case.


Reece Thomas Watson specialises in mental health cases. If you have mental health problems which were not taken into account by the sentencing Judge you may have grounds to appeal.


It may be that you were given a prison sentence but it may have been more appropriate for you to have received a Hospital Order. We will work closely with our Mental Health Specialists to help get the right results for you.


We can advise on appeals in:

The Crown Court

Court of Appeal

Supreme Court

European Court of Human Rights

Criminal Case Review Commission


We have a legal aid contract to provide services in Criminal Appeals and if this is suitable we will fund your case via legal aid. If this is not suitable we can act on a private basis for you. We will agree costs and always discuss what the likely costs will be. We aim to keep our costs low to get value for your money.



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